Welcome People of All Faiths

This website is for the support and education of all intersex people, friends, family, and all who want to know more, regardless of faith, or lack of faith. Christianity is based on Christ (not on Christians) and Christ stood for an inclusive, loving membership of faith for ALL.  Jesus was the first Advocate of women's rights, of the rights and inclusion of people of all cultures and races, of the disenfranchised and the rejected of society.  It only follows that Jesus is an Advocate for LGBTIQ's so we welcome ALL!

Intersex occurs about 1 in every 2000 births, the same as Cerebral Palsy.  Why is such a relatively common condition so unheard of?  Because of shame caused by lack of education and understanding. As a lesbian myself I have experienced shame, but I have also seen great progress over the years from when the "L word" was unspoken even to ourselves to legalized gay marriage in my home country of Canada.

Let's do the same for Intersex.  Let's educate people.  Let's stop the shame and fight for visibility, gender neutral terminology, and equality.

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Social Group

Our Social Group is private, except to members. It allows you to communicate with others via a group email list serve. Everyone in the Group gets to read what you have to say. This is where we really get to know each other if you choose to participate. 


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Connections is a new concept in bringing people together. It is not simply a dating service. It is for singles or people already in relationships but wanting to find friends to chat with, prayer partners, traveling or activity companions, etc.


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Our Chat Rooms and Forums are now part of Connections Friend Finder & Dating Service. The Chat Rooms are open 24/7 and there are scheduled hours when there are Moderators in the rooms. We also have regular weekly events.